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St Kates Writing Community

the pen is mightier than the sword

College of St Catherine's Creative Writing Journal
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Welcome to the information secion of the journal for all College of St Catherine's creative writers. This community is currently moderated by squirrelarmy, and any question about this community can be sent to ampalmer@stkate.edu.

Now, to get started, there are only a few rules to this community:

1) You must be a student at the College of St Catherine's to post. You do not necessarily need to have taken a creative writing course, but you cannot post in our community unless you are enrolled at St Kates.

2) Anyone can read this journal and comment on pieces of work, because it's always nice to hear multiple points of view. However, if this privilege is abused by people not in the community, it will be changed so that only members of the community can view posts and comment.

3) Any kind of creative writing is allowed: poetry, prose, short fiction, drabbles, whatever you choose. However, if the piece of work is more than 100 words in length, please use lj-cuts. If you don't know how to use them, either look at the FAQ of LiveJournal or just e-mail ampalmer@stkate.edu. It will save a lot of space if people use lj-cuts, so it would be nice for everyone to do so!

4) If you are posting a piece of work, you should include the following:
-- Title
-- Author
-- Type
-- Any Comments

This will make it easier to categorize, and make sure people know who is posting!

5) Finally, please don't harass any of the other writers on this journal. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but any derogatory comments or blatant flaming will result in the flamer being kicked out of the community. This is a friendly writing community, so let's try to keep the peace while developing our writing skills!

Well, that's that. Let's get writing, shall we? ^__^
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